Stix and Stones is on Facebook...are you?

A few weeks back, we put out a survey through the newsletter and one of the most surprising things for us here at Stix and Stones what that nearly half of you who read the newsletter do not follow us on Facebook or any other form of social media.

Now, don't get us wrong.  We LOVE that you all read the newsletter.  But let me tell you why we are on Facebook, and a few reasons why you should follow us there.

First and foremost, Stix and Stones is on Facebook because lots of people are.  It is one of the fastest and most effective ways for us to share information with a good number of our customers.  In the 21st century, it seems that social media and e-mail is where it's at for getting information to the masses.

That's all well and good, you say, but I'm here reading your weekly newsletter in my e-mail inbox.  Shouldn't that be enough?

It should be, but there is only so much that we can fit into a weekly e-mail.  I don't mean to say that important things are left out because they aren't. The first priority of this newsletter is to get the most important information about the store and events and classes gets to you when it needs to.  But a lot can happen in between, and that is where the Facebook page comes in.

Through the Facebook page, we are able to instantly update you as to when a shipment of new product comes into the store, or if something has changed for a class or an event. The Facebook page also gives you a little glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of the store, which is fun for us, and we hope, fun for those who follow us. I mean, come on, couldn't we all use more adorable pictures of our store mascot Cuzco in our lives??

We also use the Facebook page to share information about stores and events in downtown North Bay in general.  We are very locally minded here at the store, and we like to do everything we can to support other downtown businesses.  

Have I convinced you? I certainly hope so!  Here are some very easy steps to following Stix and Stones on Facebook.

Take the plunge: Signing up for Facebook (If you haven't already)

1. Open your internet browser and type into the search bar along the top of the screen. Or you can click here...I've provided a short cut!

2. That should bring you to a page that looks like the one pictured below:

Fill in the required information under the "Sign Up" heading and click the green sign up button when you're done.

3. To find Stix and Stones, just type the store's name in the search bar along the top of the screen, like this:

We should be the first result in the list.  If not, add "North Bay" next to Stix and Stones in the search bar. Click on that result!

4. Now you should be on our Facebook page!  It looks like this:

To follow us and receive updates on Facebook, click on the "Like" button, and you're done!

We really hope you choose to follow us on Facebook! It's a really easy and fun way to keep in touch with us!

Still don't want to join Facebook, but want to see our page anyway?  The good news is, you can still do that. Just click 

Roses are red, some yarns are blue....
there is a kit for our knit-a-long just for you!

Our most recent knit-a-long is the cutest pair of fingerless gloves I think I've ever laid eyes on - the "Hearts Fingerless Gloves"!  

There are still some kits available, as well as space in the specialty technique class on the duplicate stitch which is how you will create those adorable hearts.  

We have lots of different and unique colour combinations already made up, and Silky Wool is really lovely to work with and to wear!

Now, on the the details of the knit-a-long!

Kits are $20 each with the option of adding on $5 for the class portion of the KAL- read below for more info and hurry in  to pick up your kit and sign up for the class! Each kit will knit AT LEAST two pairs of these gorgeous fingerless mitts!

“Heart Fingerless Mitts” Knit-a-long!
Knit out of Silky Wool with 3.25mm and 3.5mm DPN’s or magic loop
A basic knit fingerless mitt that is perfect for the adventurous beginner.
Learn a new technique with duplicate stitch for the heart
Pattern available for free from link is below.

Duplicate stitch class
Saturday February 21, 2015
10:00am to 11:00am


1:00pm to 2:00pm

$5 per person with purchase of knit-a-long kit
$15 per person without kit purchase

Swing by the shop to purchase a kit and sign up!

Also on the horizon....

Ever heard a fellow knitter say that "knitting is the new yoga"? Well, they actually go together!
Stix and Stones is partnering up with Ruby Yoga Studio to bring you this innovative class where we will discuss the properties of knitting and WHY people always say that knitting is just like doing yoga. We will also be doing some sample knitting to feel what your body does while we are knitting and which parts of the body have strain put on them while knitting and how we can correct that. We will be doing a simple yoga practice to go along with this as well!

This event is on Sunday February 22 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm and will be held for one hour at Stix and Stones and for the other hour at Ruby Yoga studio- both on Main Street and just a few doors down from each other.

Cost is $50+HST per person and you can sign up any time at Stix and Stones!
No skill level required- please attend even if you have never knit OR done yoga before!

For more information about this class or Ruby Yoga, click here!
Happy Hearts Fundraising Class!


Aren't these little hearts adorable? You can learn to make these and other items in our "Happy Hearts Fundraising Class". Read on for details!
We have some gorgeous, vibrant yarns in from  a Burlington based hand dyer- Stitch Please! The picture does not do these skeins justice, so come in to the store and see for yourself!
Don't forget about our "Hearts Fingerless Gloves" knit-a-long! Come in and get your kit while they last!

Happy Hearts Fundraising Class

Proudly supported by: The Heart and Stroke Foundation

Date: Saturday February 14, 2015

Time: 11:00am to 1:00pm OR 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Cost: $25 per person- part of your class cost gets donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation!

Skill level: ANY! Beginner to advanced levels are all welcome- any age and skill level may attend!

What you need to bring: We are providing all the yarn for this class, just bring a selection of knitting needles in various sizes- circular, straight and double points can be used. Please bring a darning needle and crochet hook as well.

We are very excited to be partnering up with The Heart and Stroke Foundation to bring you the “Happy Hearts Class”! We designed this class to bring awareness to heart health, specifically in women, and raise funds to be donated to The Heart and Stroke Foundation to help them continue the amazing work that they do in our community.

Donation Goal: $300! Help us reach it by donating!

What you will be learning:
During this two hour class, you will learn some fantastic essential knitting techniques while making some adorable heart shaped projects!

Some of the techniques you will be learning are:
  • Proper increases and decreases
  • Kitchener stitch and grafting
  • Various methods of casting on and casting off
This is a skills class to teach you some necessary new techniques all while raising money for a great cause! You will leave the class with some fantastic finished projects which is always fun!

To register for this class please call Stix and Stones at 705-223-8245 and let us know which session you would like to attend. Remember this is for a great cause- we have no seating limitations for this event so please bring your friends and family!

If you are unable to attend the class but would still like to make a donation, pop by Stix and Stones any time to donate and help us reach our donation goal of $300!


There's a yarn for that...

Hello knitters!

It's cold outside, and we've got a yarn for that!  We've just received a whole bunch of new yarns that are guaranteed to help you ward off those winter chills and the January blues.

I would also really appreciate it if you would all take the time to click on the link to a survey I've created. It's only five questions and shouldn't take long at all.  This survey will help me to know what you'd like to see in the Stix and Stones newsletter as we move forward and make changes. Thanks in advance everyone!

Read on for details!

Love Wool - $16/ball, 55 yards, made of virgin wool and alpaca

This is a great wool for those bulky weight projects that you've been thinking about. We also have ready-made kits that contain three balls of Love Wool (in three different colours), a pair of needles and links to patterns, all for $56.00! What a great gift for that beginner knitter in your life!

Ushuaia - $17/ball, 93 yards, made of virgin wool and acrylic.

Look at all of those wonderfully bright colours! Any one of these would bring a smile to your face on the coldest day.

Malabrigo Aquarella/Gruesa = $20/skein, 65 yards, made of hand-painted pure wool

Yet another chunky weight yarn that is so gorgeous! Just 3 skeins of this yarn will be enough to knit a "Scarlet" (a cross between a scarf and a blanket, seen at left) to keep you warm and cozy, not matter how low the temperature drops.

Galway - $10/ball, approx. 220 yards, made of 100% pure wool

Galway is the perfect worsted weight wool for your felted projects.  Slippers, here we come!
Malabrigo Worsted - $20/skein, approx. 210 yards, made of pure merino wool

Malabrigo Worsted is a staff favourite! It comes in so many gorgeous colours, that we can't even choose our favourite.  And we can make so many things with it! Hats, scarves, mittens! The list is endless.

Pure Wool Superwash - $12/ball, approx. 219 yards, made of 100% Superwash wool

This new yarn is so great that it has quickly become a new staff favourite.  Pure Wool Superwash comes in lots of great colours, so you will have lots of selection for that hat or baby item you've been planning.  And if it gets dirty? No worries! It will easily survive a round in the washing machine.

Waikiwi Prints - $25/ball, 198 yards, made of merino, nylon, alpaca, possum

This luxurious yarn is a great option for that special little project.  One ball is enough for a pair of fingerless gloves to keep your hands warm at the office, or a hat, a pair of ankle socks, or even a little cowl!

Americo Fine Tweed - $28/skein, 465 yards, made of superfine alpaca, merino wool and viscose

This new yarn only arrived today! This alpaca-blend sock yarn will keep your feet warm and toasty.  For now, we only have one colour and a limited quantity. Get it while you can!


Remember, our Happy Hearts class is coming up soon! Please note the change of date to February 14th!

Happy Hearts Class - Saturday February 14, 2015

Stix and Stones wants to make your heart happy...with a class!

Description: In this class, you will make adorable little heart shaped decorations, just in time for Valentine's Day! These projects make great stash-busters, so bring along all of those leftover balls of yarn and a good selection of needles to match.

Cost: The very best part? You'll also be giving to charity! The class will cost $25 per person, and part of that will be donated to The Heart and Stroke Foundation by Stix and Stones.

We will be running two sessions so that everyone will have a chance to come out and enjoy this event!

Date and time: 
Saturday February 14, 2015
Morning Session: 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Afternoon Session: 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

To reserve your spot please drop by the store, or give us a call at 705-223-8245. Only paid seats can be reserved in advance.

Knitting and Technique ClassesStay tuned for upcoming classes!

And don't forget about our weekly drop-in classes!  It's only $10.00 per class, and we can help you with any problems you might be having with your current knitting project.

Tuesdays: 1:30p.m.- 3:30p.m. and 5:00p.m. - 7:00p.m.

Thursdays: 5:30p.m. - 7:30p.m.

Survey Says....
Last, but not least, the survey! As I said at the beginning of the newsletter, I want your feedback about what you'd like to see in the newsletter in the future.  Please take the time to fill it out:

Happy knitting!

 - Bethany


What do you think of our "new" classroom?!

Hello knitters!

We switched things around in the store last week in a big way and have had fantastic response from our students and customers! Check out our photos below or better yet.... pop by next time you're downtown to see the changes in person! I think you will love them as much as we do!

We wanted to provide a more private feel to our classroom so we don't have to worry about other shoppers as we are learning new skills and developing new techniques! We can comfortably accommodate any class size with our extra folding chairs and extra tables. We are open for late shopping Tuesday until 7:00pm, Thursdays until 7:30pmand Fridays until 9:00pm. Now you can come shop without worrying about disrupting a class!

Come to one of our drop in classes Tuesday from 1:30pm to 3:30pm & 5:00pm to 7:00pm or Thursday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm for only $10/class, learn some new knitting skills, learn to knit, get help with your work and check out our awesome new arrangement!

We have a comfortable seating area for the men... Cuzco will gladly entertain them while you wander the shop- he does an even better job when they bring him treats!

All your favourite displays are still here- just switched up! Change is good and we are feeling so good about these changes! Are you ready to come to a class in our "NEW" classroom? We hope to see you there!

Happy knitting!


Class Schedule- January 2015


Drop in class
Social knit night
6:00pm -9:00pm


Drop in class
1:30pm-3:30pm &
Drop in class
Social knit night
6:00pm -9:00pm


Drop in class
1:30pm-3:30pm &

Drop in class
Social knit night
6:00pm -9:00pm
Learn to knit Socks!
Part 1 of 3
2:00pm -4:00pm


Drop in class
1:30pm-3:30pm &

Drop in class

Social knit night
6:00pm -9:00pm

Learn to knit Socks!
Part 2 of 3
2:00pm -4:00pm


Drop in class
1:30pm-3:30pm &

Drop in class
Social knit night
6:00pm -9:00pm
Learn to knit Socks!
Part 3 of 3
2:00pm -4:00pm

Drop in classes are for all ages and skill levels and for anyone interested in learning to knit, learning new techniques or getting help on your projects
Saturday classes are specialty technique classes and require that you have basic knitting skills. Saturday classes MUST be pre-registered in order to attend.

Please call Stix and Stones for more information or to register for a specialty class. 705-223-8245

Drop in classes- $10/class per person

Tuesdays: 1:30pm to 3:30pm
                     5:00pm to 7:00pm
Thursdays: 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Sundays (December ONLY): 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Classes are drop in based- you may join any time between the scheduled hours. Attending any class at Stix and Stones entitles you to a 10% discount off all yarns purchased that day.
Please note: We cannot accommodate students more than 10 minutes before the scheduled class start time.

Specialty Technique Classes

Learn to knit Socks!
3 part class
Saturday January 17th, 24th, 31st
2:00pm to 4:00pm each session
$60/ student- all 3 sessions and HST included
Optional Material Kit: $25- includes sock yarn, needles and row counter
Skill level: MUST know how to knit and purl proficiently

Are you itching to try something new this year? Then attend our “Learn to knit socks!” class and become an expert at sock knitting! Socks are great projects to carry with you while you are travelling or even waiting for appointments. They fit in small bags and are easy to carry around with you and are also fun projects to make! Sock yarn comes in all kinds of colours and patterns and once you start- you will be addicted thinking about all the possibilities of what you can make with your new found skills! This is a three part class and by the end of week three you will have learned all the basic techniques you need to know in order to complete a basic sock- one of which will be finished by the end of the 3rd class!

Week 1: Casting on and working with double pointed needles to knit in the round. We will discuss different types of sock yarns and what they are each best suited for as well as how to care for your socks.
Homework: Knit desired length to heel for next session.

Week 2: Heel flap, turning the heel, picking up stitches and beginning the gusset/shaping for the foot. We will discuss different types of sock heels and their attributes.
Homework: Knit desired length to start toe decreases

Week 3: Toe decreases, grafting toe seam and finishing the sock. We will discuss shaping your socks and further discuss caring for your hand knit socks.

In order to attend this class you MUST pre-register. Remember, the only reserved seat is a paid seat. This is a very popular class and we are limited to the number of students we can take so make sure you sign up soon to ensure your spot! Call us at 705-223-8245 to reserve your seat.